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Welcome to the Flip2Freedom podcast, episode #138, a continuation of our series on the 9-Step Seller Conversion Sequence. We’re going to cover Step 8, Closing the Gap; and Step 9, Wrapping Up (Setting Expectations).

The Gap is your offer price and the Seller’s asking price and I’ll teach you the best way to close that gap. The Wrap Up is when you set the expectations for the seller. Once you have the signed contract you explain the next steps so you don’t blow the deal!

If you haven’t already done so, go back and listen to my past two episodes that cover the previous steps of my 9-Step Seller Conversion Sequence. Those are episodes 135, 136 and 137. Definitely listen to those.

Well, as you can see we’ve got lots to cover in Steps 8 & 9 so let’s get to it…

Listen and enjoy

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to minimize the difference between your offer number and the seller’s asking number to maximize your profit.
  • How to overcome objections and present your offer in a clear concise way that will put the seller at ease.
  • Manage objections to your benefit.
  • Setting the stage for the days to come during your closing
  • Giving your seller a realistic explanation of what’s to come moving forward.
  • Remember that an objection does not mean ‘no’
  • Spend time preparing yourself for objections – having an answer ready builds confidence in the seller and in you

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