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Welcome to the Flip2Freedom podcast, episode #142. We are deep in our series, Lightning Fast $5K Formula, as Sean is guiding you through the process of getting your first deal closed and receiving your first $5K in lightning speed!

In this episode Sean goes into detail on what needs to happen to get the contract signed. If you haven't gone to to get your 1st Check Matrix then go now and get it!

If you missed the previous episode in this series, you can find them below:

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F2F 141: How to Know EXACTLY What to Offer to Motivated Sellers

This is an extremely important episode for anybody starting out, OR you've been doing this for a while and you just need a refresher.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Methods to Get the Contract Signed
  • Overcoming Seller Objections
  • How to Build Rapport With the Seller


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