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Last week we shared what Tyler Weitz did to build a million dollar business. Now I sat down with Alex Del Torre to hear his amazing story. Just to give you a quick glimpse into his story… Alex was a fix and flipper and if you’ve never done fix and flips it is very time consuming and cash intensive. You’re cutting checks to contractors every week and sinking money into a property and then waiting for your return after you close. So when he started in the Flip2Freedom Academy and began wholesaling things changed quickly! So get ready, cause this is a great story that I know you’re gonna love.

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I am so excited to be bringing you a brand new episode of the Flip2Freedom podcast! In today’s episode I sat down with Tyler Weitz and we are looking at knowing exactly where to start as it can be so challenging for new entrepreneurs to find that starting point. Tyler is in the North Carolina Market and is absolutely CRUSHING it. I know you’re going to love this and learn so much from someone who has been in your shoes

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